Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Small achievements

Today I taught one of my employees how to make labels on her computer. You might think that this is a basic skill, but it turns out that people aren't born with basic computer skills no matter how often I wish they were.

I am not a good teacher; this is ironic since my primary function for years was the training of incoming staff members. That training never included making labels on their computers until now.

I was a ball of happiness and excitement and relief when one of my team members asked me to show her to make labels. She was motivated to learn something new! She was branching out, discarding her natural inclination towards fear of the computer. She was receptive to change and adaptation. And when I showed her the simple nature of the label wizard she got excited too.

Now she can make her own labels whenever she needs to, and we're both just as pleased as we could be.

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