Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolution: follow-through

One of my biggest problems in life is a lack of follow-through. Not on big, important things - I am responsible, I pay my bills, I keep promises to my family and myself, and I'm generally reliable. No, I mean things like regular exercise, healthy diet, yoga, learning goals, saving money, not eating out... that sort of thing. I'm terrible at all of that. I have a basket of knitting that has at least half a dozen half-finished projects (or barely started projects, depending on your perspective), unread books on my bookshelf that will make a better and smarter person, and oodles of craft projects in various stages.

So my goal for 2009 is follow-through. Since everything that is important to me comes in list-form, here's a short list of things I want to follow through on:

  • Learning web design
  • Regular exercise and yoga (no, really, I may bite the bullet and join a gym where I can do both)
  • Healthy diet -this and the yoga go hand in hand, and if I can accomplish this the exercise will be a piece of cake for me
  • Completing my knitting/craft projects
  • Write more

This list is actually quite a bit longer; I have shortened it to my most immediate short term goals so as not to so totally overwhelm myself that I don't do any of it (another problem I have). I have a completely separate list for work; while I am highly organized and efficient at work, I have a follow through problem there too.

It's possible I need quarterly review of my list(s), just to make sure I'm on track.


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