Friday, November 19, 2010


I've been away. Here's the short version: I've been busy.

I'm working on a proposal for a new contract at work. It means long hours and a very tired brain. If we don't get awarded the bid, it also means probably looking for a new job. Gross, no?

Apart from that, work is going very well. My team is amazing. I mean, really amazing. They have been working so well together and with my busy days plus traveling, it's a nice surprise to come back and find that they've helped each other out and communicated well together. I have really got a lot on my mind with this proposal and my employees are taking care of everything, without me even asking. How fantastic is that?

We had a Thanksgiving potluck today, and I realised (with some amount of shock) that I am grateful for them. This strange, cranky group of women (plus a token male) who are so irascible and stuck in their ways make me extremely proud and thankful.

And a couple of them are terrific cooks.

Now to try to prepare for Thanksgiving, clean my apartment, catch up on daily work, sort my life out, and try to relax...

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