Sunday, February 28, 2010

My happiness is...

My happiness is...:ds105
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Today's photography assignment is a challenge for me. The assignment is to convey happiness; not just show it but to invoke it in the mind of the audience.

I don't do so well with relating to other people; I don't know how to invoke happiness in other people. For me, the first image that sprang to mind was that of a child playing (I can hear you laughing); on a playground swing-set, swinging with absolute abandon: hair flying back, laughter stolen away by the wind, smile big and bright - the sort of smile we have before life teaches us to keep it small, unobtrusive, hidden.

My own happiness is most often invoked at the library. Even just the sight of the building is enough to push that button in the centre of my soul that releases a special sort of calm.

The library makes sense to me, with its simple order and quiet routine. No decisions need to be made at the library (except, possibly, "how many trips will I have to make to get all these books to the car?"), and that's a peaceful sort of thing for me.

I didn't get to the library today (despite the fact that I have, in fact, one nearly-overdue audio book); I didn't make it to the park today to photograph other people's children playing happily (I know, creepy).

But I did settle down with a book and a cup of tea. I don't know if I managed to convey it for you lot, but it makes me exceedingly happy.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something pretty

Something pretty
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It is behaving like Spring in the Northwest. I was in a friend's garden today and all the things that don't normally bloom in the winter were open and colourful.

It feel all April-ish here and I'm not quite sure what to do with that. My body wants to clean and purge; my fingers want to write, to create; my eyes want to take pictures; my feet want to run (I don't run); my voice wants to sing (I don't sing).

I also have that fever again, when my brain boils with the need to buy a house. I found one recently - a perfectly perfect town-house a block from the library and the farmer's market. It won't be mine, but something must be. And soon, before I explode with the need of it.

These wretched, pretty flowers are making me want the things I can't have (yet) and it's making me cranky (and also a little moon-brained).

Assignment: Horizon

Horizon: ds104
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Today's dailyshoot assignment is to make a photograph that emphasises the horizon.

I have always liked the horizon as a symbol, especially at the beach. I think we have some of the best horizons in the Pacific Northwest; our skies are so temperamental, with deep black storm clouds and patchy blue-ness and stark, angry trees all at the same time.

This photograph was taken somewhere in Vancouver (the one in Washington); the patchy blue-ness is scarce, but if you look really closely you'll see it (you might want to squint your eyes up).

Taking pictures of horizons is hard work; between the bumpy car ride and my inexperience with the camera, today's assignment flat tired me out.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Great big ground

Someplace new: ds103
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It rained today.

I didn't realise how pretty the world is after it has been rained on until I got a camera. I am usually so busy seeing the rain that I fail to see how shiny everything is.

Photo details: Taken with Nikon D3000.
Post-processing: Shadowing, tint, and soft focus.

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