Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Assignment: something weathered

ds108: something weathered
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Today's mission was to find something weathered. I thought of crazy-lady wind chimes and the rusted out carcasses of forgotten automobiles left to die in someone's back yard. Rust is practically a food group in Oregon and I had big plans of capturing it on film.

Unfortunately I have one of those job things, and it requires me to be in an office. I spent most of today around a lot of not-rust, and nary a wind chime made out of old forks.

But I did find this slightly broken curb; and by 'find' I mean that I agonised all day about what to photograph and griped to my husband on the way to-and-from picking up dinner until he pointed out this grody old curb and demanded I photograph it (largely, I suspect, to shut me up): covered in moss, in need of paint, chipped from being run over and ignored.

It feels weathered to me, as though it has carried many worries on its curb-shoulders. Or maybe that's just what I'm feeling today.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Assignment: sports

Disk Golf: ds106
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I am not terribly athletic. There are a couple of physical activities I enjoy - namely yoga and, well. You know.

Today's assignment was to make a picture of a sports activity. I sort of wish this was the assignment on March 14th, when I will be supporting Bunny by cheering her on at the Shamrock Run (she's totally running. In a race), because I plan to take my camera and try out the running man setting.

Instead, I went to the park near my apartment and shot this one of a disk golf basket (say it aloud, it feels very unwieldy in your mouth). I don't get disk golf, but there are many enthusiasts in this area.

I was really hoping to get a shot of a runner, but it's harder than it looks. They move really fast, for one thing. Also, it feels creepy to take pictures of people that close up.

So... disk golf. Whatever.

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