Monday, March 1, 2010

Assignment: sports

Disk Golf: ds106
Originally uploaded by Tehlanna

I am not terribly athletic. There are a couple of physical activities I enjoy - namely yoga and, well. You know.

Today's assignment was to make a picture of a sports activity. I sort of wish this was the assignment on March 14th, when I will be supporting Bunny by cheering her on at the Shamrock Run (she's totally running. In a race), because I plan to take my camera and try out the running man setting.

Instead, I went to the park near my apartment and shot this one of a disk golf basket (say it aloud, it feels very unwieldy in your mouth). I don't get disk golf, but there are many enthusiasts in this area.

I was really hoping to get a shot of a runner, but it's harder than it looks. They move really fast, for one thing. Also, it feels creepy to take pictures of people that close up.

So... disk golf. Whatever.


GirlGriot said...

Disk. Golf. Disk? Golf?


Jade said...

Hmm... Perhaps I am spelling it incorrectly. Disc golf? It's a sport played with a frisbee(disc? disk?); you hurl
the disc(k) at this chain-basket contraption and holler out things like "FOUR". Then you giggle and argue with your team-mates.

Bunny said...

I think it's just called frisbee golf. Your sophistication is misleading.

Thank you for the plug!! I'm so excited!! Only one week to go ... excuse me I must throw up a little.

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