Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Assignment: something weathered

ds108: something weathered
Originally uploaded by Tehlanna

Today's mission was to find something weathered. I thought of crazy-lady wind chimes and the rusted out carcasses of forgotten automobiles left to die in someone's back yard. Rust is practically a food group in Oregon and I had big plans of capturing it on film.

Unfortunately I have one of those job things, and it requires me to be in an office. I spent most of today around a lot of not-rust, and nary a wind chime made out of old forks.

But I did find this slightly broken curb; and by 'find' I mean that I agonised all day about what to photograph and griped to my husband on the way to-and-from picking up dinner until he pointed out this grody old curb and demanded I photograph it (largely, I suspect, to shut me up): covered in moss, in need of paint, chipped from being run over and ignored.

It feels weathered to me, as though it has carried many worries on its curb-shoulders. Or maybe that's just what I'm feeling today.


Misery Marketing said...

I really dig your photo. Maybe Im easily impressed but I like the colors and angle and how the mos and the concrete mix nature and man.

MargauxMeade said...

Jade, I'm loving these photos you've been sharing lately. You're very talented. My favorite is "Horizon." I've never been to the Pacific Northwest (though, for some reason, I'm kind of obsessed with going there), but I grew up in a country whose weather is often compared to that area and I love gray-and-black temperamental skies. That photo sort of reminded me of home.

GirlGriot said...

I'm with Margaux. I'm loving the work you're showing (here and on fb). Your photos are quite fabulous. This one is so simple and so great. I love how the red and green really pop, love the contrast between the beat-down curb and the vibrant green of the moss, love that this corner is a tiny thing that most people wouldn't notice at all and you've made it center stage. So cool. (You're really making me see that I have to upgrade to DSLR ...)

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