About this blog

    I am
  • a little less jaded than I used to be
  • sarcastic and often unintentionally rude
  • a writer(ish)
  • a wife, step-mother, niece, daughter, cousin, and best friend
  • a knitter
  • a sometimes-photographer
  • a sometimes-runner
  • a Mormon

  • I am currently in transition; my life is no longer upside down and I'm a bit less crazy than I used to be. I blog about stuff. Some of it is relevant; some of it is random, silly business. I blog about me, and how I see the world. I blog about others too, but I have attempted to keep even those words about me and my experiences.
    If you recognise yourself here and object to what I've written about you, I will apologise now. My goal is not to harm you or the people who show up here. If you take exception to what I've shared or feel that I have been disrespectful, tell me and I'll remove that content.
    I blog about the intensely personal, and I share more here than I am sometimes comfortable doing; it doesn't seem to stop me though, I tend to puke a lot of words out.
    That said, don't judge me and I'll try not to judge you. :)

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