Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This blog needs an update…

I didn't finish NaNo; didn't even come close. I'm still writing that silly novel though (and by 'writing' I mean 'thinking about writing', or 'not giving it up').

I still have a job, for now. No news on the structure or how future arrangements will be made. So I'm waiting, and I'm not very good at it.

One of my employees passed away a couple weeks ago and I've got odd feelings about it.

Holidays are kind of gross for me. Every year there are things I look forward to and enjoy very much, and every year I fight tears in silent, in-between moments of activity and I don't understand why.

The end.


jess said...

Hello, friend :) Would some company help the waiting? If so, I will wait with you.

Jade said...

That would help tremendously! If it's not too greedy of me, maybe you can ask the momma to send some patience my way. :)

jess said...

Then consider me right here waiting with you :) Because I love you and think you're fabulous I will NOT ask Momma to send you patience (it seems to be one of those things that can't be store-bought - it has to be grown from the seed; thus, petitions generally lead to more experiences that require patience as a means of cultivating it). I am, however (and of course, if it's all right with you!), happy to send calmness and strength to you to help make the waiting more bearable. Just let me know :) Big hugs to you, lady!

Jade said...

Oh, fine. :) I would love the energy of calming and strengthening thoughts, especially coming from you.

Hope you're well, and love you to pieces. Hugs to you as well, and your family.

jess said...

Calm and strength I send to you,
and boundless love to see you through :)

Hugs to you, too, darling, from all of us! Blessed Yule!

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