Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The city I just moved from is part of a metropolis, inextricably bound, with a neighbouring city in a different state. This meant that all of our televisions stations, radio programmes, and media all pertain to the city just south. We never knew what was going on in our city, because the news only really reported what was going on in that other city. Ballot measures, local politicians, state issues, and the like were never about us but about that other state. We were used to it, but it was a little maddening to not know the name of our town's mayor or know what our state's governor looked like, but we could pick Tom Potter out of a crowd.

Now I live in that other state, and I was really excited to know all about what was going on. We Oregonians are crazy with the ballot measures and I was pleased to actually be in the loop this year, versus previous years where I had to research feverishly just to find out what the heck was going on in my own state.

I'm happy this election is finally coming to a close; I dislike all the frenetic energy surrounding election years. I dislike the ploys and manipulations and digging and slinging politicians do. I enjoy the insensitive jokes that crop up on the internet at their expense, because I'm just that snarky, but I dislike the mass self-delusion that I feel the entire country -on both sides- indulges in.

I'm glad I was able to vote, capable of exercising that right -for all the good it does- and I'm glad it's over.

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