Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rib City

3655 S.W. Hall Boulevard
Beaverton, Oregon 97005
(503) 643-7427
Mon - Thur 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Fri & Sat 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sun 11:00 noon – 8:00pm

At the suggestion of one of Mr. J’s co-workers, we decided to eat dinner at Rib City Friday night.

Now, I have a funny relationship with ribs. I fancy myself as far too dignified to gnaw meat off bones. The image of eating ribs, with a bib tucked into the collar of my shirt, barbecue sauce smeared across my mouth, and fingers gooey and slippery as I hungrily chew rib-meat off a bone is something I don’t ever want to have to face. I am not generally dainty and girly, but I do have limits. Ribs are my limit.

We had driven past the restaurant many times (usually on our way to Wendy’s); Mr. J would gaze hungrily at the place (he loves ribs) and I would shudder at the prospect of all the gnawing and smearing.

Someone else’s endorsement was enough, and we took ourselves off for ribs.

We ordered a plate called A feast for Two, which could probably have fed three or four:

Half a rack of baby-back ribs
Half a chicken
Shaved pork
Shaved chicken
Baked beans
Baked potatoes
Cole Slaw

The entire meal cost us $32.99, which seemed rather reasonable for the amount of meat we got. The ribs were excellent; the meat was very tender and cooked in a spicy-tangy-sweet barbecue sauce. We were also given dispensers with three different types of barbecue sauce.

The service was also very good; each server had a hand-held wireless computer into which they entered our order. The order was transmitted directly to the kitchen. When the time came to pay, our waitress swiped our card right at our table and printed out a receipt on a small printer slung around her waist. I was transfixed, equally by the meat and by the devices.

There wasn't much of an atmosphere to speak of. It was busy when we were there, so it was a little noisy. The wait-staff all seemed hurried and energetic, busy but not grumpy, and generally very friendly. While a little light on the ambiance, the food and the service made the experience very good. And I ate it all without making a ghastly mess of myself. We’re definitely eating there again.


Cat said...

I just started knawing on bones about a year ago at my youngest sons urging that it was 'good!'

and I am glad I tried it - becuase I love them now!


Jade said...

Me too! I'm hooked on ribs now :)

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