Friday, November 14, 2008

In passing ...

I found out the other day that a close friend's father had died recently. I did not know Tony well, but the few times I had seen him over the years he was very nice to me. He knew Colin, and he and his wife came to see me after he died. He said kind things about Colin, things that made me feel better. It's always nice when someone dies, and someone else has fond memories and nice things to say about them.

I'm sad that Tony is dead, sad that my friend lost his dad, sad that there's another widow mourning the death of her husband. Most days, the deaths of others don't hit me real deeply. Most days I have a different perspective, one that focuses more on the positive aspects of a person's life and on the necessity of change-in-the-form-of-death. But sometimes ... oh, sometimes it just triggers feelings of my own losses and I feel a great wrenching inside me as though something important is being pinched really hard.

I think it would have made Colin sad that Tony has passed away. Colin also had nice things to say about him. I hope they've managed to find each other, wherever they both are.

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