Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday blues

The past two Sundays have been roller skating days for me and Mr. J. Surprisingly enough, he actually enjoyed himself. Something painful is happening to his knees lately, though, and we both woke up not feeling terrific, so today was not a roller skating day.

Instead we did lazy things around the house. I didn't feel right all day today; I have so many things I can (and really should) be working on: I've got another dog toy in the works, and I really want to make more kitties. I also have a couple hat ideas, plus a hat for Mr. J that I started months ago and haven't even come close to finishing. I have a hat I need to unravel, and some hats I need to design. The fact that I inadvertently just spelled "hates" instead of "hats" should tell you how I'm feeling about them right about now...

I wanted to do none of that. I have that awful restless feeling I sometimes get. I want everything, and I want nothing.

I did manage to find some yoga poses for knee pain, though, so after dinner Mr. J and I did some light yoga.

So at least the day wasn't completely wasted feeling sorry for myself.


Carie said...

The Sunday Blues must have been going around. I had them too and wasted the day playing Solitaire.

Cat said...

"...I want everything, and I want nothing."

Oh I know this feeling so well - nicely put into verse!


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