Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yoga is my cure

Yoga was just what I needed today. I've been cranky lately, annoyed with everyone and everything. Inconsolable and frustrated, irritable and short tempered.

The drive to the yoga studio is a long one; it's in a neighbouring city, the town I left last year. I don't go very often because of this, but when I do go it's perfect. I made the drive between the two towns every day for many years. It is a familiar drive, over streets and highways that I learnt to drive on. It is a comfortable drive, the same buildings standing at attention, the same bridges and on-ramps and traffic snarles. When I commuted between cities I hated a lot of the drive. Mostly I hated having to be in a car for so many hours, stuck in the same shitty traffic with the same shitty drivers day in and day out.

I used to do most of my crying in the car; it's private and I could do as much of it as I wanted without disrupting anyone else; nobody cares if you scream while sitting in your car on the freeway. Now that my drive to work takes me fewer than five minutes I'm really behind on my crying. I did some catching up today, and by the time I arrived at the yoga studio I was all better.

We did a lot of standing poses today, warrior stuff that energized my inner fighter. I feel like myself again, ready to meet the world head-on and kick its ass.


MargauxMeade said...

Jade, your post got me all fired up--my mom and I just committed to going to a yoga class together once a week, and reading how jazzed you are about your own yoga class has me really looking forward to it.

Misery Marketing said...

I feel more comfortable in my car than anywhere. When Ive had to have a serious talk with someone many times I just drive around talking to them. Maybe I should move into an RV.

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