Monday, February 2, 2009

Letting-go yoga

I made it to another yoga class on Saturday; this one was a combination gentle yoga/restorative yoga. I liked that we did something a little different than the last class I was in; I can see how I would get bored with the same exact routine over and and over.

During the opening poses, while we're breathing and setting our intentions for our yoga experience I chose to set my focus on letting go. Letting go of the pain in my wrist (I have a cyst), letting go of frustrations at work, worries about my husband, and the general things that I fret about daily. I find it difficult to release all that stuff and just trust that it will be taken care of. I do okay at letting the past go -things that are already done, the effect of which I can no longer have influence over. It's the things that are not decided yet that I struggle over letting go. Things I am responsible for at work that won't get done if I don't do them (because they are my responsibility), or things at home that I choose to take responsibility for even though I ought not.

I think I did okay. I felt a terrific non-weight about all that stuff. I used an old meditation trick, reminding myself that I could pick up that care or worry at the end, but for the duration of my yoga I had to let it go. It helps me feel like I'm not shirking a responsibility if I promise myself that I won't abandon my worries forever. I didn't do any crying this time. I almost passed gas at one point in child's pose. I take my letting go very seriously.

And I left all my worries right inside that yoga studio, and didn't pick them up on my way out.



Anonymous said...

It's actually really common and a good sign that your body is fully relaxing to pass gas in child's pose. I remember my yoga instructor in undergrad told us that. She also said that it was likely to happen if we'd been out drinking the night before (not that I'm saying you were Friday night!).

If you think about those things that were worrying you and the act of worrying itself - it sounds like it was very air (elementally) related, so what better way for that not helpful air to leave your system? ;)

Jade said...

Good point, Aerolin! :)

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