Monday, February 2, 2009

Formerly good dim sum

Every year my friends get together for our birthdays. This year I chose Fong Chong's to gather with all my favourite people to celebrate the anniversary of my parents having sex (thanks Carie, Rudy - you've both scarred me for life). One of my friends had never experienced dim sum before, and it was exciting to watch her try various dishes.

We were enjoying the meal, catching up with each other's lives (for those of us who hadn't seen each other just the previous day) and stuffing ourselves full of bau and sticky rice, until we were joined at our table by a small, ugly roach-shaped friend. We squished it flat on the floor, but it pretty much ruined our appetites.

We settled our bill poste-haste and left. While gathered on the side-walk out front, one of the workers bustled out after us complaining about the lack of tip. I've never had to kill a cockroach in a restaurant then been chased down to give a better tip.

I have been going to Fong Chong's for dim sum for years. It is usually an enjoyable meal, but after yesterday's experience I will be looking for a new dim sum restaurant.

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