Monday, February 2, 2009

Birthday weekend

I had a busy birthday this year. My birthdays are generally rather quiet, as I typically prefer not to have a big deal made out of it. This year, however, was quite possibly my best birthday year ever.

I started celebrating last Friday, which Mr. J and I took off together. We went to a video arcade and played until we were giddy with nostalgia and on the verge of having a seizure from the lights and noises. I won over 500 tickets! I am the queen of skee-ball (just sayin).

We spent the remainder of that weekend going to the cinema and doing whatever random fun thing crossed our minds, which was mostly about eating a lot of food and ignoring household responsibilities. This last Friday (the actual day of my birthday) I got the biggest fruit basket from my mom, delivered right to my office. It was lovely, and totally ruined the secret of my birthday, which I had amazingly managed to keep relatively secret in the office. I also got the most delicious vegan cake from Bunny, that I will be begging her to make me again sometime.


Dinner at Benihana with Mr. J



Coffee with Lindsey and Carie

Lunch with my parents

Hanging out with my step-daughter and her mom


Lunch at Fong Chong's
Chinese Gardens --We walked from the restaurant and caught part of the Chinese New Year celebration.

Roller skating --This was the highlight of the day, possibly of the entire year. I was pretty sure Lindsey would skate, and I've already had Mr. J out there, but I thought we'd actually have to drag Ryder out by his hair and force him to skate. I think he had more fun than the rest of us, though I doubt he'd admit it if I asked.

Coffee at Stumptown

Carie took excellent pictures of the whole day.

I've seriously never had that much fun packed into a whole weekend devoted to just what I want to do. My friends really know how to treat a girl.


Anonymous said...

Aww - that's awesome! Happy belated birthday, sweetie!

Jade said...

Thanks A!

Cat said...

Happy belated birthday - it sounds like a wonderful weekend! I like how you started it off at the arcade that sounds like fun!

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