Monday, February 9, 2009

Random stuff about me

  • When I read fantasy novels I like to eat food that reflects what the characters are eating. If I'm reading a novel in which weary travelers eat meat and cheese and bread torn in chunks, I like to eat the same thing while I'm reading it.
  • I put salt on almost everything I eat.
  • My middle name was chosen after my dad's, and when I was a little girl I thought that Dad had a girl's middle name instead of me having a boy's middle name.
  • I save every work-related email I've ever received in my current job; with the exception of corrupted .pst files and the occasional lost email, I have every message going back to December of 2000.
  • I like to eat seeds or popcorn one at a time instead of shoving a whole handful in my mouth at once.
  • I smoked my first cigarette at age four, when my mom made me smoke one to cure me of my curiosity about cigarettes. It didn't work.
  • After Colin died, I slowly started abandoning my friends.
  • I find it difficult to hold still while I brush my teeth, and frequently wander around and check email or fidget with iTunes.
  • I have no siblings.
  • At least once a week I shave the hair on my toes.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

There's an episode of King of the Hill where Hank makes Bobby smoke cigarettes until he vomits to get him not to smoke. Doesn't work there either, but it was funny to watch. :)

Cat said...

The first one - I am sitting here saying NO way! But I swear I do the exact same thing!!!

MargauxMeade said...

The first item (about the food) reminds me of one of the cutest things I've ever read. In "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter," the main character asks her brother what kind of book he wants her to pick up for him at the library. He thinks about it and says (I'm paraphrasing here), "Hmmm. How about something where they eat hamburgers. Or maybe something with a turkey sandwich in it."

Jade said...

Margaux, that's pretty funny. I'll have to read that book just for that alone!

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