Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Take two aspirin ...

I am still sick. I can't work. I want my life back. In fact, I want a lot of things back:

  • My concentration
  • The ability to work more than 4 consecutive hours
  • To be able to swallow without feeling like I have a mouth-ful of tacs
  • To experience a non-headache
  • A body that doesn't throb with every ache and pain known to man
  • To not be dizzy all day
  • To be able to speak more than three-word sentences without having a coughing fit

On the plus side, I don't have strep throat. Unfortunately, my tympanic membranes are bulging, which is putting pressure on everything in my head-and-face area and making me seriously cranky.


Cat said...

Ow! Just reading this made me cringe, and here I see I have no room to complain today about my little runny nose...

I hope you start feeling better soon - have you tried more sleep or warmed OJ?


Jade said...

I get more sleep when I can, but I am not able to sleep as much as I need to. I've never had warmed OJ. If it's anything like warm milk, I totally pass. :)

Anonymous said...

Read your email...

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