Friday, April 18, 2008

There's a new shoppe in town!

I've done some shopping over at Foxchild's Shades of Midnight. I purchased a pendulum for Tanya. She is a fire sign and has been drawn to carnelian for a while now. We've been shopping for gemstones together and comparing knowledge and notes about certain stones. We are in similar emotional and spiritual places right now, and have enjoyed sharing some our exploration of paganism together. We're both rather personal about our spirituality and tend to keep others at a distance in that regard. It has been nice to have someone to share certain things with and discuss our progress. She'd been talking about trying to find a carnelian but wasn't having any luck. When I saw the pendulum on Fox's site, I couldn't resist getting it. The piece is beautiful and simply radiates strong energy.

Jeff bought me this bracelet as a surprise. I was mildly shocked that he even remembered me yammering on about it. I am, and have been, looking for personal balance for a long time. The chakra bracelet is helping align my energy and generally just makes me feel good. Foxchild does lovely work; I'll be giving her more money.


Anonymous said...

I come over here expecting to hear about some really cool store you found nearby your new place and I see this wonderful post. Thank you SO much! It is so thrilling to hear that you enjoyed those. This really made my day!

BTW... I loved the fact that your hubby bought that bracelet as a surprise. I kind of thought that is what was going on, but wasn't sure. He sounds just like mine. Always paying attention when you least expect it.

Congrats on the new place!

Jade said...

I was rather surprised when Jeff handed me the box. I recognized it from your store and was mildly confused at first, since my purchase had arrived earlier that day.

Anyway, I do love the pieces; I can't tell you how thrilled I was with the pendulum for Tanya, and the bracelet is just perfect.

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