Saturday, April 12, 2008


We started moving today. We bought a terrific new bed and bed-side tables from IKEA and spent the day putting them together. We didn't get much else accomplished, but that's okay. Tomorrow we'll move more stuff over and start sleeping there; next week I have to work but after that I'm off for the rest of the month and will be able to focus on packing and getting stuff moved over.

As much as I hate moving I am really looking forward to this. The new apartment is not perfect, but we'll adjust. I am so happy to have this change, so happy not to have such a long commute, so happy not to be driving in rush hour traffic with everyone else in Portland. Did you know that Portlanders are the shittiest drivers? People joke about how badly Californians drive, but put one at the wheel of a car and they know how to make a fucking decision then follow through with it.

Oh yeah, and IKEA gives me orgasms.

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