Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Moving, day seventeen

I have reached a new level of realization that I need to reduce the amount of objects in my life. We have been in the new apartment since the twelfth; we slowly move stuff over and set it up, taking time to clean regularly and cook (I have been cooking!). We have been functioning in our lives without television, living room furniture, and a proper home office; some things we both miss, like having all the computers set up and having a place to relax in the evenings --I have this wonderful sectional couch that is like sitting in a cloud --but for the most part I have really become accustomed to having far fewer items in my living space and I have rather enjoyed it.

We are progressing nicely in the move, which means we have all the wonderful and oddly shaped things that make our home familiar now packed into less than half the space of our old place, and I'm getting rather claustrophobic about it all. I have always been the pack rat of the two of us. I save all manner of things, attaching silly importance and sentimental value to everything that enters my life. Partly I think because I grew up in poverty and rarely had anything "extra", and partly I think I'm just stupid.

Unfortunately, I go back to work May 1st and won't have much time to sort out the things we have and continue reducing. I don't do well with long-term projects when I have to split my energy among other tasks. If I could stay home for two months and focus on reducing, I could manage it very well. As it is, I have to return to the office and once again start devoting my energy to that function. There are so many daily habits that I want to change that I don't know how well I'll manage everything.


Anonymous said...

I hear you on hating to divide your energy among different tasks. It's that whole balance thing for me.

A word of (unsolicited) advice, if you're anything like me: make a plan. A concrete one. Write it down. You're in a new space which means that now is the best time to change old habits since you don't have the same old context in which they live. Decide and have it already mapped out as to how much time you'll be at work, what you want to do when you get home, how much time will be devoted to continuing to unpack and arrange, how much time for cleaning, etc. Definitely put some self-care time in there. Figure out what could derail you from your plan and what could increase the likelihood of your sticking to it. Happy to brainstorm with you in this regard if you'd like! Big hugs to you, lady!

Jade said...

This is sound advice, thank you for suggesting it. It is true that I need a plan, a written plan, and help sticking to it. I have been banking so much on the fact that I will be so close to the office that I won't have to plan around travel time as well as everything else that I have to do. :)

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