Friday, April 18, 2008

More resolutions

  • I will throw away socks that have no mates
  • I will dust
  • I will do laundry regularly

It's hard being a girl. I don't care about laundry or dusting or mopping. I like things to be clean, but I'm missing that whole wife-devoting-her-time-to-taking-care-of-the-house gene. I'd rather just earn a paycheck. There are lots of other things I like to devote my time to besides cleaning. But it really, really, really sucks to move a bunch of dusty things into a relatively clean environment.

Change is also hard, especially when the changing requires me to regularly do stuff I hate doing.


Grian said...

I totally feel you on this one. I used to have the wife-cleaning-house gene but I think my dna has since been mutated. I want the house clean badly but there is always something more interesting to do.

Jade said...

I'm sure we could make a club, Dirty Wives' Houses or something. It wouldn't be nearly as much fun as it sounds, but then we could trade horror stories about how awful our houses are. :)

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