Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I has a desk!

My computer desk is finally set up! My PC has been on a folding card table (which I hate, by the way, and cannot convince Jeff to get rid of no matter how persuasive my arguments) in the living room. We spent today sorting out the home office and getting things situated. We chose the smaller bedroom as our room and have computers and our futon in the master bedroom. It's a little tight in here, but this way we can relax in the same room and not necessarily have to be doing the same thing. It's got a great vibe in here for me, a place where I can work on knitting projects while Jeff does something geeky, or he can sit and read while I do something geeky. We have a bookcase and an end-table in here also, so it could conceivably be comfortable for an overnight guest.

I am pleased with the way things are coming together nicely, but boy am I tired.

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