Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moving, day four

I cannot remember the last time I was this bone-weary. I don't have a part that does not hurt, and it feels really good. We drove around some last night and scouted out some local businesses ... library, market, liquor store, strip club. Oh, and we found an excellent pho restaurant, where we will likely be eating on a regular basis. I also found a gemstone and jewelry store that I'm excited to check out once we're settled and I have time to shop.

So far we have the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen mostly functional. We are a little short on food at the moment, but only because we don't slow down enough to eat anything more elaborate than fast food or something frozen-gross. Tonight is our fourth night in the new apartment, and the first night it really feels like "home". Having the kitchen put together is really nice, even for someone like me who doesn't do any cooking. There's just something about knowing you can put the kettle on or cook some pasta that feels comfortable. Next I'll actually do some cooking, now that I'm two minutes away from home when I leave the office ...

Now I'm going to take a cup of peppermint tea and lay on the floor in my empty living room in front of the fire and thaw out.

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