Friday, April 11, 2008

Red-haired beauty

I see a woman every morning in the Hollywood district. She has red, red hair and she wears a long red woolen coat. She's always dressed so nicely, what I can see of her. I've never seen her face but I'm sure she's beautiful. She reminds me of RHG, with her lovely hair and long red coat and aura of terrific-ness. I want to chase her down and hug the breath out of her and make her tell me her secrets. I want to find out why she glows, where her radiance comes from. I want to reach inside her and find her spark.

Why do some people carry their happiness around on the outside of them? How do you get that? Some people, and I think I'm one of them, keep all that trapped inside, locked up and guarded jealously where others cannot see it and take it away; we shelter it from people who would break it, or leak their bad, bad energy all over it. Because it's always kept hidden away, we don't ever really take it out and play with it, just keep it forever tucked away until we forget it's there. One day I'm going to go look for it and it will be gone. I want to learn how to keep my happiness outside me, want to wrap it around the outside of my body like a shield.

And I want to have amazingly sexy red hair.


Anonymous said...

Awww... you are very nice to say such things. Though you know, it's not just my happiness that is on the outside. I have a very difficult time containing ANY emotion. Usually I barf my feelings all over the place before I've even had a chance to process them. It's kind of gross. But I am glad my friends love me and say nice things about me. You make me poop rainbows. ;-)


p.s. I want to see your new hairdo!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read "Women who Run with the Wolves"? You need to go buy it. Right Now.

Anonymous said...

Gratitute practises like loving-kindness meditation, lists, just generally spending a day looking for the ebst in every situation all help to connect with that inner happiness.

I'm someone who people say has that shine, people can see a glowing light around me when they've never even seen a picture of me: All i can suggest is to connect with your innner happiness - laugh for no reason, just because. smile at everyone you see in the street, and if they look scared form it, laugh about it later - not mean laugh, just humourous.

Pretending you're one of thos epeople, visualising yourself with that sheild of inner happiness can sometimes work too. - you start to feel it after a while.

A famous Zen quote said something about "To be fully who you are, become the actor or the actress and play out in total the person you want to be because action changes being. Being and becoming are one and the same."

Just some ideas that might help. :)

~Stars Above,
Celestial Rose.

My fans