Friday, April 10, 2009

My not-sisters

I always wanted a sister. Big or little, I didn't care. Brothers too, but pretend brothers are easier to come by.

If I had a sister we'd go shopping together, and maybe stop for tea and cookies.

I would tell her my worries, and make her confide her fears in me.
We would trade recipes and share clothes. I would share everything I learned about life with her, and we'd make each other wise.

I'd have her over for movie night, and we'd eat popcorn and paint each other's toenails. I would always let her cry on my shoulder, and I'd never tell her just what she wanted to hear.

I'd never out her to our parents, or tell her children her secrets. I would keep all her private stuff private, and I'd let her call me at four AM when her boyfriend dumped her over the answering machine.

Since I have no sisters of my own, I secretly pretend that my girlfriends are my sisters. Pretend sisters are better than none at all.


Mantramine said...

Can I be a sister too? Can you (or we, I am kind of a Baker)make those chocolate yummy things?

Jade said...

Absolutely! Come to my house and we'll bake us some fattening desserts and do sister shit.

Bunny said...

I'll paint your toes, sis.

Mary (MPJ) said...

Whoa, new look, sis. ;)

I don't have any real life sisters, but I do love those I've chosen.

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