Monday, April 6, 2009

Dirty, stray thoughts

When you said "thanks", I said "uh-huh".
What I meant to say was, "you're welcome", "that was wonderful", and "don't go".

It came out sounding casual but I wanted to grab your hand and press it to my breast.

I wanted to smell your hair and that part of your shirt where the collar presses against your neck.

I wanted to hold you against your will and make you tell me that you love me, and then maybe tell me your name.

I wanted to bite your ear and claw your back and meet your wife. I wanted to take you home to play Cribbage and put you in a bubble bath.

But I just said, "uh-huh" and licked the salt off my fingers, and adjusted my panties as you walked away.


Mantramine said...

Love that

Misery Marketing said...

Now every time a girl says uh-huh to me I can fantasize about what she really wants to say. Thanks. Strangely enough, girlfriends tended to hate when I'd say uh-huh. But I usually had a thousand yard stare going on and probably didnt hear what the question was anyway.

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant! I felt just that same way when I met Rudy. :)

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