Thursday, December 18, 2008

Party socks

My company's Christmas party was today. My managers flew into town from Minnesota and we had a big ham dinner with all the stuff (except stuffing). And we got gifts! Well, gift cards, to be exact, each stuffed into a small holiday sock like a Christmas stocking.

One of my co-workers got the matching sock to mine and gave hers to me, and I promptly discovered that they actually fit my feet. I provided laughs for the whole office in my bitty socks.


Just Me said...

Those socks are ADORABLE! How nice that you were given gift cards. I believe that has to be the best invention ever, especially considering some of the gifts that I have gotten in the past :)

Jade said...

I agree, Just Me! Especially when one has a 20 year old kid who is impossible to buy for.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Cute feet! :)

Addicted Rantings said...

Are those Santa's elve's feet?

Very nice and cute. ~AR

Krissyface said...

I love holiday socks!

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