Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Tree

I helped decorate my office's Christmas tree last month. Our salesman sets up the tree every year just before the Thanksgiving holiday; I usually spend a lot of time being mean about it each holiday because I hate Christmas, and he starts so early every year and he has way too much Christmas spirit and ... well, probably because I'm just mean sometimes. Something was different for me this year, and when he asked me to help him get the ornaments right, I couldn't resist. Actually, I think I was just feeling bossy because he was doing it all wrong.

I really enjoyed it, setting up this golden tree. We chatted as we worked, the salesman, me, and my receptionist, who sat at her desk and gave us helpful suggestions. We talked about Christmases in our respective childhoods, and our families; I saw a little side to him that I'd never seen before: the side that most people keep hidden. The side that says, "I'm still just a big kid inside, so don't be mean to me".

I think this tree is truly ugly, and I'm so glad I helped decorate it.

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