Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The beach at Hug Point

When I was at the beach earlier this month, I made a wee video. It's not the best video ever (I don't post those videos) but I'm sharing it anyway. I drove to a town called Arch Cape, Oregon, a couple hours outside Portland; while waiting for the rest of my friends to arrive at the beach house, I took a small detour to Hug Point and walked down to the water.

It was very cold (well, okay, it was not that cold) and very windy, and the ocean was perfect. When I go to the ocean I feel filled up with a peacefulness I don't get all that often, a quiet happiness that soaks into my skin and drowns out every ugly thought I've ever had. So I made a video of it. The happiness is way out in the distance; you sort of have to squint to see it.

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Cat said...

Looking at your beach video makes me miss warm lazy days - the snow is suffocating me...

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