Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yesterday marked the day when, twelve years ago, Colin and I started dating. Actually, I started dating Colin and his girlfriend, Robin, and he used to call us a "truple". That's "couple", but for three people instead of just two. I had a lot to say about that yesterday, a lot of memories about the early part of our relationship. I had a lot to say about our beginning, how we went from a poly-amorous relationship with Robin to just the two of us, how we clicked right away with one another and were inseparable, how we were truly like best friends. But I wrote it all out and it just made me tired. There was a lot of good back then, but a lot of bad too. When I wrote it all down I realized there is a lot of stuff I did not realize the significance of then, events that I have reconciled and don't really want to bring up here; there is also a lot of pain associated with that time for me, pain I don't necessarily want to go into here, right now.

I thought I had a lot so say about that time, about how different I was, and how happy he made me, but the truth is that I don't really relate to the girl I was when I started dating Colin. But joining my life with his started me down the path I am on today, and I'm glad of that, at least.

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