Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Potential business venture

Ages ago, I worked with a lovely lady who became my work-mom. She crocheted, and I learned many wonderful things from her. She helped me re-kindle my enjoyment of such crafts as knitting and crocheting. We often spent our breaks at work deep into a crochet project. She moved away last year, and I lost my crochet partner. Then I discovered that Tanya crochets. Not only that, she knits. I knitted when I was a girl, but have only recently started up again.

I've blogged about Tanya before. She has an alias that I have neglected to mention here. She is also called Bunny, so named by her husband (we'll call him Sugar).

We are both rather standoffish, Bunny and I. We don't generally like other people and keep to ourselves. As such, we worked together for a couple of years before realizing of one another that we really are quite lovely girls. We found some common ground, and became fast friends.

As we both enjoy the same sort of crafts, we often spend our breaks together working on this or that project. Recently Bunny said, in a moment of pure genius, that we should go into business together making hand-made items and selling them on the internet. I replied that I know people who do this, and we could totally pull it off. We laughed and talked of how fabulous we would be in business together, then sort of forgot about it.

On a whim I started making lists of the things that she and I can make, and realized that we really could have such a business.

We are still in the development/planning stages, but we're going to give it a go. There are oodles of things to learn about and we've been busy sucking up as much information as our silly heads will hold.

I am really excited about the idea. I love making things by hand, knitting and sewing and crocheting; I adore the idea of getting paid to do what I will be doing with my time anyway. I like the idea of pooling resources and creativity with someone as like-minded as Bunny is to me. Between the two of us, and our respective families, we really do have a lot of talent and skill.

I have had a lot of dreams and aspirations over the years. I have failed (or not even attempted) to realize most of them, and this feels like something that will be very fulfilling for me.


Fox said...

Congratulations, dear! I can't wait until you have it up and running so I can go poke around. I have found that there really isn't anything as satisfying as doing something you love and having others enjoy it as well.

Anonymous said...

A great place to sell handmade items is www.etsy.com


Jade said...

Thanks Fox!

I looked into Etsy, but we decided we'd like our own space. Mostly I just wanted my own web page to tinker with again. :)

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