Monday, June 2, 2008

What stone is this?

I have a stone I cannot identify. Can anyone help me? I'm not a photographic wizard, so please forgive the poor quality.

I picked this up when I went to the Third Eye quite some time ago, on my first stone-shopping adventure. I was quite overwhelmed by everything I found; I hadn't gone shopping specifically for stones - Tanya and I took an afternoon off and decided to pop into the shoppe before heading home. There were so many stones for exceptional prices, and I was immediately swept away by the variety. I could hardly grasp what I was looking at before my attention was diverted to other, interesting things. A number of the bins I was poking around in were unlabeled, so I had to sort out what I got later.

Now, I've got this terrific books on stones and I realize I cannot find this stone in it so far. I thought it was watermelon tourmaline after looking at photographs in Scott Cunningham's book on stone and metal magic, but I'm beginning to doubt that based on what I'm finding now.


Fox said...

I think that if you look up moss agate you might find this looks very similar. I don't know that I have seen one with as much of the clear in it as this one has, but I do think that is what you have. If you have the Book of Stones, I think that what they have pictured will be what you are looking for.

Jade said...

Moss agate it is! Thanks for the help. :)

Fox said...

I'm just glad it was one I recognized. :D

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