Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Work is amazing. The attitude in my office is so relaxed, so calm and peaceful. Even Friends of The Problem have been pleasant to be around. The salesman in our branch just celebrated 25 years with the company, and we had a party with grilled dead things and a pot-luck. It was nice to see everyone enjoying themselves. Tension seems to run so high every few weeks among everyone that I was glad to see everyone so casual and seemingly-happy.

And, the aforementioned salesman is working his brains out bringing more jobs into our branch. I am busy working with Bunny and learning as much as my fluffy head will hold. The rest of the work has picked up, seemingly overnight, so suddenly we find ourselves awash in busy things to do.

Yesterday was my first day working out in about a week. Left to my own devices I will work on a craft project or do some other sedentary activity that doesn't really tire me out; I was surprised at how little time it took my body to get used to being lazy again. I suspect this next week will be painful for me.

Bunny and I got a blog going for our business. There's not much yet, but it gives me something to update while I'm getting the website situated. CSS is hard, by the way, and I'm too cheap to pay a professional.

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