Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Today I'm thankful for....

  • Good friends and double dates
  • Reflection
  • Having a fresh start every day
  • Upcoming road trip with my mama
  • Having a supermarket so close

It's my crazy time of year again... when I am uncharacteristically sensitive to everything, when I can't get a handle on my emotions, when everything seems to hit all my triggers. I hate it when I feel this way - when I know that I need to change my attitude or my outlook or my perspective, but I can't see past the blood-red anger:fear:hatred:soulsuckingpain happening inside my head.

I know that it will pass. It always does, and then I can move on to the part where I feel like I have to apologise to everyone I've spoken to during my crazy-time, just in case I've said something horrible.

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