Thursday, February 10, 2011

Well, hello

I feel sort of funny here, which is how it happens when one spends so much time away from a blog. I've referred to my blog as a dear friend, but unlike my dearest friends the empty space here makes me feel itchy just coming back and sitting down for a chat without acknowledging my prolonged absence. Which, as a side note, makes me grateful for those friends I have who accept me back even when I don't call and don't write.

Instead of recounting every uncomfortable moment since I last updated I'll tell you instead what I did today:

I cleaned my desk. Removing empty soda cans and a bowl of old goldfishes (the baked snack cracker kind), plus a swipe with a rag made it home again.

I figured out some annoying batch scripting. I'm a goddess of simple programming, by the way. Feel free to take a few moments to wonder in awe at my extreme display of clever, go ahead.

I ate dinner (tacos - it's okay if you're jealous) while catching up on a favourite blog.

I got inspired by the aforementioned blog - to write and to take pretty pictures. The latter of which I will do this weekend while wandering around the city with my favourite Lindsey-Lush-Pants.

I am grateful today for ground meat and for the much-needed inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you at it again. :) Happy writing!

mosey said...

Welcome back, my friend. I for one am delighted to see you here.

Jade said...

Thank you both! Mosey, I should be sending you gifts. :)

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