Sunday, February 13, 2011

In the mood

I learned something new today: washing my hands helps me get in the mood to write. Huh. How did I not know this before? As a practicing pagan, I have rituals for everything. Tricks I use to put me in a specific frame of mind, ways of conditioning my mind to trigger a certain set of feelings or behaviours.

When I was a girl my mom took me to a child psychologist, Gloria. I don't recall how old I was, but young enough that Gloria didn't just come out and ask me questions or prompt me to talk about certain events, like you would with an adult. Gloria had a box of hats, and a little game made up around talking about specific things while wearing a certain hat. My favourite hat, in case you're wondering, was a Sherlock Holmes style hat that did not fit my head.

Pick a hat and every time you wear that hat you talk about your dad. The really neat part was when I didn't want to talk about my dad anymore, I took the hat off. That was a rule, and it was totally unbreakable. It created a safe space for me to control a session, while also teaching me about exercising communication skills (that young children have to be taught) and about setting boundaries. When I was in college, I had a homework hat; when I go to the office on weekends and absolutely have to focus on my work and get stuff done, I have a hat for that.

So, I've washed my hands and I'm ready to write. I will forever hold gratitude for Gloria and her silly box of hats.


Bunny said...

Lipstick is my hat. Although sometimes hats are my hat.

This ritual stuff is really important. Why are we always forgetting it?

mosey said...

I like the idea of having a safe place or ritual in order to tackle anything. And your new desire to write has inspired me as well. Too much of my writing has been in my journal, for me only, for the past while. I'm going to wrap myself in a soft scarf (for protection) and get to it. Good luck to you....

Jade said...

Bunny: I know, right?

Mosey: to you as well, sister!

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