Sunday, February 20, 2011

Therapy: free to good home

I have this therapist friend whom I see infrequently. She's got amazing red hair and vibrant eyes that see straight into me. Normally that might bother me a tiny little bit, but in addition to gorgeous hair and beautiful eyes, she also has a lovely heart. Though I see her so seldom, I really love her heart.

We met just before the worst time in my life so I feel like I met her yesterday, or a lifetime ago. We became close, because the worst time of my life was also a difficult and, I think, pivotal time for her as well; since that time we have drifted in and out of one anothers' lives, but every time I see her I feel as connected to her as I've ever been.

I count her among my pretend sisters - those women who love me, despite of me or because of me; those women who know me and have seen me at my best and worst; women who are imperfect, and who continue to be so dignified in their imperfection; inspiring women who withhold judgment but who are perpetually discerning and who don't leave me twisting in my emotional discomfort. I saw her today and she listened, much in the way I imagine she listens to her clients. She also shared, painful memories and experiences. I didn't feel like a client, but I left her today feeling uplifted and encouraged and cared for.

Thanks for the free therapy, Janys.


mosey said...

What would we do without *those* people in our lives??

Jade said...

I'd be a mess without the lot of you, for sure.

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