Monday, December 7, 2009

Unicorns did not visit me today

    People will disappoint me.
    The same people will make me endlessly proud.
    Others never behave as I think they should.
    I rarely take my own advice.
    Sometimes people surprise me.
    I have no patience with repetitious noises.

I learned these lessons today. Again, and for no reason. While working, talking with co-workers, musing in my head (cause that's where I do it). They leap out at me, jumping up and down, these lessons.

Lookit! Over here. They demand. You're not looking! When I keep my mind averted, they become insistent and bouncy. Whispering at me in their thunderous voices.

You're not learning right. They say. This catches my attention. I can learn right. I think I read a book on that once. I'll learn my lessons up good.

And I did. I learned about breathing deeply (again) and waiting for the other person to finish speaking before I began talking (so rude) and about remembering that they only have one me, and I need to be available for them when they need me.

Bloody demanding lessons.

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mosey along said...

I often say my brain needs post-it notes. Why do we learn and re-learn and RE-learn the same lessons over and over?

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