Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa, please bring me a camera (and a Kitchenaid. and a book about cooking. and that nifty pen that records what you write.)

Somewhere in the middle of my soul a secret desire sits: I want to take pretty pictures.

Also, I want to be a ninja and maybe a Malibu Barbie Doll but those are secret secret desires.

I will often describe, with words that boil out of my brain, the things I see in life. Lately, I want to take pictures of them too.

I want this yesterday. Like everything else that I want I'm ready for it to happen right now. The waiting hates me, like something ticklish inside me.

My favourite library is moving to a new building and I went to take pictures of it with my cell-phone a couple weeks ago. It wasn't enough. I want more. I want to capture, somehow, the pure haven-like quality that library had for me when I was growing up.

So, stay tuned. Pretty pictures may be stopping by from time to time.


mosey along said...

I understand that desire and share it. And I am completely in love with my camera, but....

many of the photos I've taken with my cellphone - the spontaneity, the muted sometimes fuzzy colors, are just as beautiful to me. I think because for me the photographs are about telling a story so I'm not so worried about their production quality (like my husband is, for instance).

But I hope Santa brings you what you want anyway, 'cause cameras rock.

Jade said...

I've taken some pretty good pictures with my cell phone too. I totally dig what you're saying about telling a story and capturing a moment, though. I feel like there's more capturing to do though... there is more there, more story, more colour, more *something*. I can see it with my eye, and I want to translate that into something fantastic and sexy.

Or probably I won't be perfect at it within the first five minutes so I'll give it up and go back to puking my words all over the internet instead.

mosey along said...

There is something to be said for puking your words all over the internet. Which should now become part of your profile because that was sheer poetry.

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