Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Imagine what I'd do with a kid...

Mr. J and I brought Zoe and Emma home as wee six month old kittens. We (and by "we" I mean mostly "me") tormented them outrageously. Mr. J taught me about putting socks over their heads. The first time he did this, it was quite possibly the funniest thing I'd ever seen. I nearly peed myself, I laughed so hard.

The description of Zoe's reaction would probably have PETA howling for my head, and that was before I had a cell phone that was capable of taking pictures, let alone video. So, sorry.

These days, Zoe simply removes the sock from off his head within seconds. It's not as funny, but I made a ridiculous video just for you. While I supposed to be cleaning and packing for our beach trip tomorrow. Oops.


GirlGriot said...

Ok, this made me laugh out loud here at my desk when I'm supposed to be writing evals for me students!

I love your giggle and laugh. Makes the video for me!

mosey along said...

When you have a kid, you will dress her/him in ridiculous clothing mixing stripes with polka dots, plunk hats with bunny ears on their heads, give them mohawks because what else do you do with hair that only grows on top, and use pacifiers that look like big teeth when you plug 'em in their mouth.

Or put a sock right over their head - that's funny too. Cats kill me with their dignity and I think this video is an entirely appropriate method of displaying that.

(and hey... I just saw you twitter/tweeted/twitted me the other day. As my English hubby would say to express his delight - "I'm chuffed!")

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