Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A poet among us

My friend Carie has a lovely daughter named Carmen, who recently won an award for best Haiku in her entire school district. I have known Carmen since she was very small, and she has always impressed me with her quiet intelligence. She is beautiful and smart; she's funny and she plays the guitar and she dresses quit snappy.

I am totally impressed with Carmen's poetry, and she gave me permission to post it here:

Big City

New York's blinded sky,
When do you sleep Big Apple?
For you keep me up.

Seattle don't cry,
The baseball crowds roar and cheer,
Bright lights and bright eyes.

Chicago oh my,
The smell of franks and exhaust,
Sears Tower looks down.

Oh please Portland, please,
Hawthorne, Pearl, Pioneer Square,
City of Roses.

San Francisco Bay,
Golden gates and warm light nights,
Iconic street cars.

City heights and lights,
Get me out of this small town,
Train, plane, car or bus.

~Carmen Camacho
Age 13

I think she'll be famous someday, whether it's as a poet, a rock star, a model, or just an all around kick ass girl.

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MargauxMeade said...

Whoa, what a fantastic poem and what a talented girl! Give my compliments to the charming Carmen.

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