Friday, October 17, 2008


I'm quite good at catch;
I now hardly never drop the ball.
My hands do not ache.

When I was a girl in school I was awful at coming up with haikus; any structured writing was a problem for me, really. My writing has always been stream-of-conscious, which isn't really part of any lesson plan. I used to beg my teachers to allow me to turn in diary pages for credit instead of making me do the sort of writing that included things like rhyming and counting.

I have a new appreciation for haikus though, and this is the year I do things I don't like (also the year I do the things MPJ does, because she does the very best things), so I'm giving it a try.

Please be gentle, it's my first time.


Carie said...

Carmen got an award tonight at the library for best Haiku in all of 8th grade VSD! They gave her a blue ribbon, a box of PopRocks, and an Amazon gift card.

Jade said...

That's terrific! She's so talented, please give her a hug from me and tell her I said "way to go". I'd like to read it, will you send it to me?

And wow, they still make poprocks?

Carie said...

Yes, but they are clled something else now. And they are not as sour. Here's her poem:

Big City

New York's blinded sky,
When do you sleep Big Apple?
For you keep me up.

Seattle don't cry,
The baseball crowds roar and cheer,
Bright lights and bright eyes.

Chicago oh my,
The small of franks and exhaust,
Sears Tower looks down.

Oh please Portland, please,
Hawthorne, Pearl, Pioneer Square,
City of Roses.

San Francisco Bay,
Golden gates and warm light nights,
Iconic street cars.

City heights and lights,
Get me out of this small town,
Train, plane, car or bus.

~Carmen Camacho
Age 13

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Yay, Jade! I'm glad you're having fun with catch and haikus!

(And a side yay to Carmen too!)

Cat said...

Good for you - stepping out of your comfort zone is good for the mind!! By the way I hated them - not reading them - figuring out how to write them as well! Cat

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