Friday, October 3, 2008

Let me work, already!

I've got this project at work. It's a scanning project, over one million images of micro-filmed documents that will be scanned and converted to tiffs. I will have to bring temps in to help with the work; I will be running three shifts of three operators, scanning their brains out.

The final product is due for completion on October 24th. My office was supposed to have the fiche Thursday, and Bunny was going to work this weekend like the goddess she is. We didn't get the fiche Thursday, and we didn't get it today. It looks as though we're not going to get it until Monday. We're losing four days of productivity on a rush job, and I want to scream.

The next three weeks are going to be very long. I'll likely be working seven days a week. I'm already run down and sick, and I think the next few weeks are just going to make me feel even worse.

In frustration,

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