Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Frosted rose 365:2

As a transplanted Californian, I don't care for the cold. I have lived in the Northwest longer than I lived in California, but that does not seem to have any impact on my tolerance for being cold.

As such, I also do not much care for frost, snow, rain, ice, or general wet-ness. I also sort of hate nature shots but it seems as though frost-covered flora practically begs to be photographed and well… I needed a picture.

So I traipsed outside in my puffy new jacket and snapped a few pictures before work. I was really excited to get home and review them tonight but when I did I kind of hated them all.

I really find my own nature pictures boring. I'm not clever with the camera settings, and I don't always understand about lighting. Some of the shots looked like the inside of a shoebox, others were all grainy and stupid.

There was this one, though. I think this is a rose when it's not winter, and the petals made me think of soft butterfly wings; there's just a hint of colour, promising vibrance in the spring. This bush is right by the dining room window so I plan to look at it often and make sure it's pretty.

If it's not, I'll light it on fire and take a fantastic picture of that.

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