Thursday, January 3, 2013


Today was an oddly emotional day for me. I haven't been feeling well for several weeks, and one of my best friends is in town from my company's corporate offices. She's here to work, but I wish there was more time for visiting. We giggled some while working though, and that made me happy. I miss giggling.

I dutifully took my camera with me so I'd have an opportunity to photograph life but didn't really get the chance. Or, I had the chance and forgot to realise that it was a chance, you know?

Oh, I did get an iPhone pic of the pile of new kitty supplies I bought on the way home, but it doesn't really seem worthy of being highlighted here. Also, it's late and I'm lazy.

Even though I've had a short work week, I feel exhausted. Traveling for Christmas, being busy at work, and fighting off intermittent yuckies have all sort of sapped my energy. There are a few things I should do to energise myself, but I'm in this horrible cycle where I don't have the energy to do the things that energise me, so I feel all lazy and sad all the time.

But tomorrow is Friday and I just might have a kitten to bring home. So, that's exciting.

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