Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday workouts

This week has been pretty stressful for me; despite really needing to run off some of that stress I can't find the motivation to do it. It's raining, and apparently I don't like running in the rain nearly as much as I thought I did yesterday.

I decided to re-visit the gym-ling in my apartment complex -I haven't worked out there since the last time Bunny and I were there... like two years ago- and see about this treadmill running.

And I realised almost immediately why I didn't stick with running last time: I hate the treadmill. I was so shocked at me. Not long ago I was contemplating what among my current furniture could be burned so I'd have room for a treadmill, so imagine my surprise when I wanted to cut my own feet off after running, well, not much on that wretched thing.

Today's workout was unsatifying. I did a few reps on some arm work-out machines (those machines are built for much larger people than me); some pathetic jogging on a great hulking beast of a rotten-mother-effing treadmill; and a wee bit of running in the parking lot on the way back to my apartment (I took the long way home).

And now I'm full of complaints. I have rain dripping down my most sensitive of spots; I have a twinge in my right ankle that won't go away; and now I'm just cranky. Thank Goddess for Fridays, and steak and beer, and Alias.

Happy weekend!


Jeannie said...

Poor Girl. Treadmills tend to ... expell me.

Jess said...

"gym-ling" - I fucking love that. Sending sunny, clear-skyed energy your way, darlin'. :)

Jade said...

Thanks Jess! It worked. I ran nearly five miles today and feel great (though so hungry I could probably eat a horse).

Jess said...

Of course it did, darlin', though I am certainly glad to hear it!

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