Saturday, March 19, 2011


I saw a runner on the trail this morning. She had on great clothes and cute shoes and a baseball-style cap. She was maybe in her 50s, a little bit overweight, and looked like she was really struggling.

We met eyes, and she gave me a little thumb's up. We shared a big grin and I felt a part of something larger, just for a minute.

I ran with a buddy just under 3 miles; when I say that I ran, I really mean that I spent some time running and some time walking. I think it counts though, so I'm sticking with "I ran". My pace is getting slowly better, and I didn't feel like wheezing or dying.


Dirty Blonde said...

I think you rock. I hate running. Loath it. I've also done it and think it's pretty cool. Runners are cool. Go Jade!

DMBonanno said...

It counts. It's the right way for beginners to start, and called "interval running". I'm on week 1 of a training plan: walk 4 mins, run 2 mins, x5.

It was easier than I thought, meaning I did the entire thing and didn't think I would, but I couldn't run one more step by the time we were done.

This week just blows, so next week I'll be restarting week 1.

Good luck to you. :D

Bunny said...

I love this post. That little gesture between runners -- be it a nod, a finger-point, or a big fat grin that yells "Victory!" -- has done more to lift me up during a run than the best of Peaches. Just wait til someone checks out your ass while you run -- you think thumbs up is nice!

Jade said...

Bunny, I can't wait for that. :)

D, I'm sorry you're having such a bad week! Good luck with the training next week.

Dirty Blonde, thanks! I think you rock too.

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