Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Oh, yeah. I'm a runner. Perhaps you've seen my widget? That's how committed I am.

It's a funny sort of thing, running. I've taken it up and put it down a few times over the years, and I've never enjoyed it. I never really got past the "I hate running" stage.

My friend, Bunny, is this fantastic runner. She's very good at it, and it's impressive and motivating watching her run. She's leaving soon, moving across the country, and I've recently got this idea that I should be running with her. I'll miss her desperately, and I'm enjoying running with her.

It occurred to me that I could have done this with her years ago. I had a little cry about that a few days ago, sort of kicking myself for not pursuing this sooner. I realised that even if I had, I would have grown bored and dropped it eventually (this happens to me, I'm a bit of a flake). As short as my time is, I'm glad I'm doing it now. Now it means something really special to me; there's a value here I may not have understood otherwise. I feel like she's passing on her running spirit to me, a little bit 'o Bunny that will stay with me wherever I go.

I wonder if she'll let me cut off her foot and keep it on my keychain?

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Bunny said...

I'm very touched, Miss Jade, and pleased to be spending what time I have left with you sharing something I love.

I hope you do carry the torch when I am gone. You surely will not be carrying my foot.

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